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Introduction To Nonwovens

1. The exact name of the nonwoven fabric is nonwoven, or nonwoven. Because it is a need to spun the fabric and the formation of the fabric, but the textile short fiber or filament orientation or random support, the formation of fiber structure, and then use mechanical, thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement. Simply speaking: it is not woven by a single yarn, knot together, but the fiber directly through the physical method of bonding together, so when you get your clothes in the sticky name , Will find, is not a root of the thread. Nonwovens break through the traditional textile principles, and has a short process, production speed, high yield, low cost, wide use, raw materials and more features. 2. Nonwovens is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with water repellent, breathable, flexible, non-combustion, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors and other characteristics, the material placed outside the natural decomposition, the longest life of only 90 days , Placed indoors within 5 years of decomposition. Burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without any legacy material, suitable for washing and other characteristics, so as not to pollute the environment, so the resulting environmental protection.